Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mini Lasagnas (adapted with Patty Pan Squash)

As easy as it should seem, I never follow a recipe to the dot.  I always have to change something up with the recipe. I found through Pinterest a cute little picture of Petite Lasagnas, taken from Can You Stay For Dinner?
Since my son & I are working on being aware of how many carbohydrates we consume per meal (60 or less), I was ecstatic these were only 15 carbs per mini. I thought my son would have some fun making these. These definitely are a new family favorite! They didn't even notice a big difference between the won ton wraps & when we have had lasagna noodles in the past.
The changes I made were only slight, so I won't go into much detail with this post as you can follow the well written recipe on the link above.

I have issues with ground turkey, yes - yes, I know it is all in my head... I used extra lean ground beef instead.  My beef comes in 16oz packages instead of 12oz, but I cooked it all anyways. Probably worked out for the better since it spread my sauce thinner which in turn made it not so runny. Had a little left over, but my partner will eat it up as it is for her lunch at work.

I also cut down on the onion to 3/4 c., since I wanted to add squash. So I did three equal parts of each: onion, mushrooms, & patty pan squash. I suppose you could add as much anyhoo since there would be leftover meat sauce mix anyways.

I do not regularly keep ricotta cheese at home but I did happen to have some cottage cheese, which I used in place of the ricotta.

I do not keep basil or oregano either... maybe next year I will grow some, I am still learning about growing herbs this summer... So I replaced those with a generic Italian seasoning.

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