Friday, October 28, 2011

Fried Cream Cheese Pie

I had a sweet tooth one day and I am not much of a cake/cookie/candy person. I’m all for pastries and I didn’t want to have to work really hard to make it. So I made this up…

Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: less than 5 minutes

2 boxes cream cheese
2 cans of cherry pie filling I’ve not tried it but I’m sure it would work with fresh fruit too!1 pkg egg roll wraps
Olive oil

Making the wrap:
Have a small bowl of water nearby to use as a wrap sealer. Using a flat surface, lay out one egg roll wrap with one corner pointing towards you. Slice a ¼in thick square of cream cheese off and place near corner of the wrap. Add a spoon full of pie filling on the cream cheese. Take the corner closest to you and fold it over the fruit. Fold in the left and right corners. Dip your fingers in the water and rub a small amount of water on the corner furthest away from you (directions on the egg roll wrap package says to use a spray bottle, but I didn’t like how the spray bottle got dirty). Roll the wrap the rest of the way over the far corner & the watered corner will form a seal.

Frying the wrap:
Fry in a pan of olive oil until slightly brown. I use a sauce pan with enough olive oil to half way cover the wrap so that I can flip them.

Top with a powderd sugar/milk glaze. I don't really measure for that. I have some powder sugar in a bowl, then add the tinniest bit of milk & mix. I keep adding milk until the glaze is slightly runny...

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